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Welcome to Emerald Parkway Dentistry, a patient-centered practice dedicated to providing customized dental care with exceptional results. We emphasize quality dentistry with a gentle touch. Your safety, comfort, and satisfaction are always our top priorities.

Drs. Andrew Williams, Jeannie Williams and Shanna Williams provide each patient with superior, personalized care.  Our friendly team is proud to offer a range of cosmetic and general dentistry procedures designed to create beautiful, healthy smiles. Thanks to advances in modern dentistry, it is now possible for our skilled dentists to correct or conceal nearly any type of flaw. Please contact our office to schedule a consultation, and find out how cosmetic dentistry can improve your appearance and increase your confidence.

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Interested in seeing pictures of some of our cosmetic dental procedures? Visit our before and after gallery to see some of the improvements that can be made to your smile. Want more information or interested in scheduling an appointment? Contact Emerald Parkway Dentistry.

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Sleep Apnea

Did you know that obstructive sleep disorders can take over 12 years off of your life and increase your risk of death up to 46%. Going untreated it can increase your chances of having cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, anxiety, high cholesterol, and many other health issues.   Obstructive sleep disorders can be treated with CPAP or in some cases simply with a oral dental appliance.  At Emerald Parkway Dentistry we not only care about your dental health but your overall health including how well you sleep.  If you snore or feel like you do not sleep well at night, please click on the link below and it will tell you if you are at risk for having obstructive sleep disorder.

  Obstrucive Sleep Disorder Assesment